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Amanda M Michaud

Senior Research Economist- Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

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My PhD Students
Former (first placement): Hewei Shen (U Oklahoma) Tyler Daun (US International Trade Commission ) Kathrin Ellieroth (Colby College)

Past Courses ECON 3320: Advanced Macroeconomics (UWO- Undergrad)(Syllabus)
ECON 4400: Senior Research Seminar (UWO-Undergrad)
ECON 390: Computational Methods in Macro (Indiana- Undergrad)(Syllabus)
ECON 522: Graduate Macroeconomic Theory I (Indiana) (Syllabus)
ECON 724: Advanced Macro Seminar (Indiana- Grad) (Syllabus)
ECON 322: Intermediate Macroeconomics (Indiana) (Syllabus)
Quantitative Analysis of the Macroeconomy (Minnesota) (Syllabus)
Principles of Microeconomics (Minnesota)